Child Health Protection Act Just the Start of Healthier Food Environments for Kids

You’re shopping for groceries and suddenly your child is begging for the sugar-loaded fruit-flavoured snack with Despicable Me 3 on the package. Or it’s movie night at home, but your kids keep asking for the toaster strudel in the freezer, inspired by a TV ad of the Pillsbury Doughboy. What parent hasn’t had similar experiences, over and over again?
Jul 16 / 2018

Plugging Data Gaps: Food and Global Child Health

Half of all adolescents in some low-income countries are stunted from malnutrition, estimates suggest. At the same time, school-age kids in many of these countries face a growing problem of excess body weight. How do the conditions that influence food choices in these countries affect the health of older children? We don’t know.
Jun 12 / 2018

Donor Breast Milk May Curb Obesity, Student Explains in Three Minutes

Meghan McGee (photo by Jason Krygier-Baum) One of the biggest presentations of Meghan McGee's career so far was also the shortest. 
Apr 18 / 2018

Women with Food Insecurity Less Likely to Breastfeed: U of T Study

Researchers from the University of Toronto have shown that women who struggle to afford food are less able to sustain breastfeeding than those who are food-secure — even though women in both groups start the practice at about the same rate.
Mar 19 / 2018


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“To stem Canada’s epidemic of chronic disease, we must shift our focus from treatment to prevention.”

Dr. Mary L’Abbé,
Department of Nutritional Sciences’
Earle W. McHenry Professor and Chair

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