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Food Fun, the Lawson Centre and Science Rendezvous 2019

They came by the hundreds — children of all ages, parents and grandparents, lone adults and students — curious about nutrition and looking for a snack. They asked and answered questions, and left with a recipe for a whole-food diet that was more suggestive than prescriptive: have fun, make it tasty and be healthy.  
May 30 / 2019

Food Insecurity in Nunavut Jumped After New Federal Subsidy Program Began, U of T Research Shows

Researchers at the University of Toronto have charted a spike in food insecurity since the introduction of Nutrition North Canada in 2011, calling into question the program’s approach and government claims that it has been successful.
May 21 / 2019

Global Partnership to Generate Data Trove on Nutrition in Women and Kids

Researchers at the University of Toronto have compiled extensive data on a large-scale, Canadian-led program to improve maternal and child health in Africa and Asia. The research will provide a mid-term window into the program’s progress and will help guide its implementation over the next two years. Dr. Khadija Begum is the research coordinator for evaluation of the partnership, which is called Enhancing Nutrition Services to Improve Maternal and Child Health (ENRICH) and is funded by $47 million from the Government of Canada.  
May 3 / 2019

Canada-Led Effort on Maternal and Child Nutrition Receives Partnership Award

A global collaboration that includes the University of Toronto and spans dozens of organizations working toward better nutrition and health for women and children has been honoured with a Canadian partnership award. Enhancing Nutrition Services to Improve Maternal and Child Health (ENRICH) is a five-year project funded by $47 million from the Government of Canada, and which aims to improve health and nutrition in Asia and Africa.
Apr 23 / 2019


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“To stem Canada’s epidemic of chronic disease, we must shift our focus from treatment to prevention.”

Dr. Mary L’Abbé,
Department of Nutritional Sciences’
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