Study Finds an Effective Screening Strategy for Iron Deficiency in Young Children

Toronto researchers have found that using a ferritin blood test leads to early detection of anemia, and that between 15 and 18 months is the best age to screen for iron deficiency.
Dec 21 / 2018

Food as Medicine Event Offers Clinicians a Nutrition Update

Health professionals from across Canada attended a University of Toronto conference earlier this month to hear research and practical advice on nutrition and aging, fats, sugar, the ketogenic diet and gluten sensitivity, among other hot topics.
Nov 30 / 2018

Sharing Science in Africa: Fats and the Child Brain

Ghana will soon adopt new standards on food and nutritional products for children, and the coming guideline on dietary fats for infants will be informed in part by a University of Toronto researcher. Professor Richard Bazinet recently spent two days at the University of Ghana presenting the latest science on the role of fats in the developing brain, for policymakers, nutritionists and others with a stake in food science and health in Africa.
Oct 22 / 2018

We Need More Nutrition Education in Medical Schools

There is little dispute among care providers that a person’s dietary habits influence preventative and treatment outcomes. Every year, there is more research validating the role of food and therapeutic diets for chronic disease management and prevention. However, basic education around the role of nutrition and lifestyle for a long time has been a blind spot in the Canadian medical school system.
Oct 5 / 2018


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“To stem Canada’s epidemic of chronic disease, we must shift our focus from treatment to prevention.”

Dr. Mary L’Abbé,
Department of Nutritional Sciences’
Earle W. McHenry Professor and Chair

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