Culinary Medicine

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Culinary Medicine is an accredited one-day workshop that focuses on practical strategies physicians and other healthcare practitioners can implement in their clinical practice to facilitate lifestyle change. 

The workshop includes a food and recipe demonstration led jointly by a professional chef and physician, a simulated grocery shopping experience and a nutritious networking dinner.

The inaugural event take place on February 29, 2024 at George Brown College and will highlight Dietary Approaches to Dyslipidemia and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize the evidence behind therapeutic diets for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease
  • Compare and describe key components and features of dietary patterns that support the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease, including the Mediterranean diet and Portfolio Diets
  • Implement effective strategies to facilitate a patient's integration of therapeutic dietary patterns into their lifestyle, including knowledge translation strategies, dietary prescriptions, food selection and preparation

For more information about the 2024 workshop and to register visit the event website. 

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Learn more about the 2024 workshop that will be organized through Continuing Professional Development at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, visit the event website.