Policy Reports

Policy reports from government and professional bodies help reseachers, health professionals and families approach nutrition with the best available information.

Find recent Canadian and international reports below.

Image of Prof. Valerie Tarasuk and colleagues at a 2017 meeting on the federal poverty reduction strategy, hosted by Employment and Social Development Canada

Canadian Policy Reports on Nutrition and Health

Eating in Ontario: What Do We Know?
2021 report on vegetable and fruit consumption, food insecurity, self-rated health, and physical activity in Ontario, based on data from the 2017 Canadian Community Health Survey and related to COVID-19.

Evidence Review for Dietary Guidance: Summary of Results and Implications for Canada's Food Guide
2015 report from Health Canada for policy makers and governments creating national food guides and other education tools.

Obesity in Children: Summary of Recommendations for Clinicians and Policy Makers
2015 report from the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care that covers children up to age 17.

No Time to Wait: The Healthy Kids Strategy
2012 report from the Ontario Healthy Kids Panel on nutrition in early childhood, food environments and creating healthy communities.

PROOF: Food Insecurity Policy Research
Reports, resources and news on food insecurity and its effects on children and health across Canada.

The Kids Are Not Alright
2107 report from Heart and Stroke on the nutrition and health effects of food industry marketing to children

International Policy Reports on Nutrition and Health

2021 Global Nutrition Report
This report looks beyond global and national patterns to reveal inequalities in nutrition outcomes within countries and populations.

2017 Global Burden of Disease Study
A worldwide, epidemiological study of major diseases, injuries and risk factors since 1990 at global, national and regional levels. Includes input from 1,800 researchers in 127 countries, coordinated through the University of Washington.

World Health Organization
Recent data, publications and action plans on nutrition from one of the world's largest public health bodies.

2017 Food Advertising to Children and Teens Score (FACTS)
A detailed report on food industry self-regulation and advertising to children in the U.S., 10 years after the launch of the Children's Food and Beverage Adverstising Initiative. Prepared by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut.

The Lancet Series on Obesity, 2015
A suite of academic articles addressing obesity through science, policy and education.