Educational Nutrition Videos for Children

Development and Evaluation of Educational Nutrition Videos for Children

Principal Investigator

Jill Hamilton

Project Overview

Children and their families lack nutrition education that is digital and easily accessible. Professor Jill Hamilton and her colleagues at The Hospital for Sick Children, with support from the Lawson Centre, have developed a series of quick recipe videos for health practitioners and children based on focus groups with kids, parents/caregivers and health care providers.

The researchers are sharing these videos through hospitals, clinics, community centres, schools and popular online forums. They will also evaluate their effectiveness through viewer feedback questionnaires and knowledge assessment tools.


  • Alissa Steinberg
  • Kelsey Gallagher
  • Elizabeth Dettmer
  • Preeti Grewal
  • Andrea Leyser
  • Hayyah Clairman


  • Tory Zimmerman
  • Allison Lougheed