Micro-Lectures by Nutrition Experts

Experts from the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto are a great resource for health professionals and patients.

These researchers and clinicians, including leading experts such as David Jenkins, John Sievenpiper, Valerie Tarasuk and Mary L'Abbé, have prepared 10-minute video lectures on diet and nutrition broadly — and for specific health conditions and concerns from diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders to cholesterol, brain health, probiotics and food policy.

The Big Controversies: ‘Fat, Sugar and Salt’

Tired of mixed messages about these common nutrients? Find out what the best evidence says about them.
By Professor John Sievenpiper

Nutrition Therapy and Chronic Disease: From Evidence to Guidelines to Clinical Practice

What is the role of diet in chronic disease prevention and treatment?
By Professor John Sievenpiper

How to Lower your Cholesterol

Learn about dietary approaches to lower cholesterol, including the plant-based Portfolio Diet.
By Professor David Jenkins

Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition

Why do some people respond differently to the same foods? Discover the science of nutrigenomics and what it could mean for your health.
By Professor Ahmed El-Sohemy

Household Food Insecurity: A Potent Determinant of Health in Canada

One in six Canadian children are affected by food insecurity and face an increased long-term risk for many diseases.
By Professor Valerie Tarasuk

Helping to Shape Food Policy and Healthy Eating for Chronic Disease Prevention

Do you know all the ingredients in the food you eat? How food policy can create greater transparency in the food system.
By Professor Mary L’Abbé

Dietary and Herbal Supplements in Diabetes

Can dietary changes provide an alternative or complement to drug therapy for diabetes? Learn about dietary and herbal supplementation in diabetes, including konjac glucomannan, salba-chia and ginseng.
By Professor Vladimir Vuksan

Microbiome and Diet: Probiotics

What is the microbiome and what do we know about diet affects it? Get the basics on this rapidly growing area of research. 
By Professor Elena Comelli