Apr 7, 2016

CCNH Nutritional Medical Education Grant 2016

students in class
By Rebecca Noseworthy

Nutritional Medical Education Grant 2016

Background and Description of Opportunity

The Centre for Child Nutrition and Health at the University of Toronto is focused on answering key questions in child nutrition to improve the health of children and families. One of the Centre’s top priorities is to develop future, solution-oriented, nutrition world-leaders through innovative research and education programs.

The strategic vision of the Centre is to advance child nutrition and healthy development that otherwise could not be successfully addressed by a single discipline or research group. As a global leader in child nutrition and health we will create a world of healthy children who are able to reach their fullest potential. The Centre is an Extra-Departmental Centre based on a partnership between the Department of Nutritional Sciences, the Department of Family and Community Medicine and the Department of Paediatrics. 

With this grant we intend to fund innovative and collaborative education projects that focus on nutrition education of students, health care professionals, patients, and/or children and families.  

The complete request for proposal can be found here:NutritionalMedicalEducationGrant.pdf

Thank you to all who have expressed interest in this grant. We are currently reviewing applications and will be announcing grant recipients by September 1, 2016.