May 20, 2016

Lawsons Donate $1M to Stop Marketing to Kids Campaign

Policy & Data
Joannah & Brian Lawson

The Stop Marketing to Kids campaign, co-led by the Childhood Obesity Foundation and the Heart and Stroke Foundation, received a huge boost in April thanks to a $1 million gift from Joannah and Brian Lawson.

The Lawsons donated the gift through the Heart and Stroke Foundation to help take the important message of restricting the marketing of foods and beverages to children across the country. The funds will support a national, multi-media marketing campaign and a high-profile speaker that will help the foundation directly engage decision-makers in Ottawa.

The Lawsons, both U of T alumni, have long been passionate about nutrition and children's health and are leading supporters of the University of Toronto's Centre for Child Nutrition & Health, which focuses on the most important nutrition-related issues facing children and their families today.